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Bere Island   June 14th 10-4pm​ 2014

Nest is an interactive artwork located underground, it includes audio, video and glass installations.The artwork is the culmination of two years collaboration between Michael, Marie Brett and Bere island residents.​ Admission is free, there will be a complimentary mini-bus service from Lawrence cove to the work.​ This is a wonderful opportunity to experience an unusual artwork in a spectacular environment that is usually closed to the public.​


Michael will be showing Abecedaria as part of 'Alphabet' at West Cork Arts Centre Culture night 2013​

This is a touring exhibition by contemporary​ Irish prinmakers.

Shanghai Exhibitions (April 2013)

15 March 2013

Michael will be exhibiting his work in Shanghai this April in two exhibitions, Art Shanghai and Bund 18.

He is presently involved in a collaborative art project with two other artists and the residents of Bere island in West Cork. This will culminate in an extensive exhibition on the island during the summer months.

Kiln-formed vessels

14 March 2013

Michael's recent work involves layering sheet glass and cullet, which is cast into metal and ceramic moulds several times until the required movement has occurred. He grinds the surface to reveal the internal structure created by the casting process. The glass is then kiln-formed into ovoid or spherical vessel forms, which he subsequently cuts and polishes.

View samples of Michael's work.